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a . k . a. smolplamp

the animator

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a . k . a. sniperdusk

the designer

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NoBo Studios is a team of three friends drawing (mostly robots) out of Missouri. We previously were known as 8-13/orgXIIIorg and Nostalgia Bomb Studios – which were merged into our current identity at the end of 2017. The new version of our website was posted summer of 2022.

This site features a selection of that seen at our artist alley tables and dealer booths at live conventions. We are considered “doujin” scale, with generally only 1 or 2 iterations at a time for any in-stock item. 

uncut printed yard for bags

printed uncut celosia fabric

picking zips and inner lining

sewing the zipper pouches

sorting cushion backing fleece

handmade = ready to ship

pre-orders = made on demand

Besides illustrating all of the fanart seen here, we also hand-craft most of our inventory. These hand-made items include all the sewn zippered pouches, sling bags, pillowcases and cushions: these feature our artwork printed professionally on various fabrics, which we then cut and construct by hand. We also hand-press all of the metal pins. If these show as “in-stock” that means they are ready to ship right away. (And if they are listed as “out-of-stock” we will make more as soon as we can.) All items are made in smoke-free - but pet-friendly - homes.

Additionally, there are a few more types of items here that are considered “pre-orders” such as t-shirts and towels, and are made only on demand. This process takes 1-3 weeks to ship after ordering. This allows us to offer extra options to the selection of each art piece.

material sources & care instructions

Site Construction

Background textures, graphic design, (most) website photos and cart interface c/o iverillian. If there are any site usage issues, requests for future additions, or any desire to place a manual order by e-mail invoice (rather than using the built-in cart system here) please feel free to message via twitter or instagram.

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