materials & care

Extra details about our items we make, including care instructions.

Material Sourcing

    •    All of the fabric featuring our artwork is printed in North Carolina.

    •    Our pin-making supplies (and equipment) are produced in Texas.

    •    Most of our vinyl decals are printed/die-cut in Arizona.

    •    Our acrylic charms and some vinyl decals are printed/die-cut in the U.K.

    •    Zippers and other sewing hardware/notions are from various US produced/supplied locations, usually Oregon and Illinois.

plush cushions

handmade = drawn and sewn 


  •     Front side is made of incredibly plush “minky” poly fabric which has a slight stretch and soft, short pile - giving a bold shimmery glow. The artwork is professionally printed using ecologically-safe transfer sublimation inks that provide vibrant color, strong wash durability and little need of ironing.
  •     Back side of case is made of soft fleece fabric. (In most cases, this will be a solid black or other complimentary color in blizzard fleece – although occasionally, we make a few with a matching pattern anti-pill fleece.)
  •     Pillowcase opening is “envelope-style” = two overlapping flaps on the reverse allow for you to stuff (or remove) pillow inside via opening in middle of back, allowing all visible perimeter edges to be fully-sewn.


  • Take out inner pillow to wash separately, if needed.
  • Turn case inside-out (or place inside a regular plain pillowcase) to keep soft texture intact.
  • Can be machine washed in cool water using a gentle/delicates cycle.
  • Air dry recommended, but may also be machine-dried using a low temperature (or permanent press setting) if removed promptly to avoid wrinkles.
  • Do not iron front side of minky fabric.

sample of the back of the cushions

Covers are offered both complete with included pillow or available separately to save on shipping.

  • small square cushions fit IKEA’s Turill cushions.
  • rectangular cushions fit “travel” size pillows.
various handmade illustrated Transformers pillows from TFcon
travel-size pillow size compared ot smaller square throw pillow size, featuring iverillian's illustrations of Knock Out & Breakdown and Starscream from Transformers Prime
clos-up of plush texture of Strongarm pillow
clos-up of plush texture of Garrus pillow
clos-up of plush texture of Prowl pillow
clos-up of plush texture of Shockwave pillow