plush mini-bags

Sample of handmade velvety plush zippered mini bags. Photo shows iverillian's illustrations of Megatron from Transformers Prime, Strongarm from Robots in Disguise, and Lug & Anode from IDW Lost Light.

mini-clip version

Our artwork here almost glows, with the colors vibrantly printed on 100% polyester thick and sturdy velvety fabric with a soft short pile and subtle shimmer. The back sides of these 6″ x 4″ pouches are a solid black denim, with interiors fully-lined in patterned cotton. Each closes with a YKK coil zipper, and will include a complimentary carabiner-clip on the side-loop.

All of the in-stock pouches here are ready-to-ship, featuring artwork from Iverillian and Saeru. Iverillian does all the sewing personally, with our artwork printed professionally on the fabric in North Carolina.